Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Five Reasons to Activate Your Sponsorships with Statistics

When fans enter professional sports venues today, they become immersed in technology. While the huge HD video boards grab their attention, they also want unique insight about their favorite team. Diehard fans seek the type of information that only comes from innovative statistical content. So where is it?

In the past year, I have visited numerous NBA, MLB and NFL facilities – including some of the newest and most technologically advanced in the nation – yet not once did they present anything beyond the basic stats.

This is great news for brands looking for creative ways to activate their sponsorships. Fans seek out revealing statistical content. And while teams want to provide it, they may lack the resources or expertise to make that happen.

Here are five reasons why it pays to make creative statistical content part of your sponsorship activation strategy:

1. This approach brings sponsorships to life. Rich statistical content educates fans about the strengths of their favorite team and its players, and sends a crystal clear message. The right metrics won’t confuse fans at all, but build on their connection to both the sponsor and property.

2. Innovative statistical content is ideal for social media. Besides gaining exposure on the video boards, sponsors can also deliver a powerful message in 140 characters, whether by text, Facebook, Twitter or all three mediums. Since fans following a team via social media tend to be its most loyal enthusiasts, brands connect directly to them. Of course, the content must have value.

3. Creative sports statistics are sticky: they get repeated over and over.

4. It is cost effective. Putting such a plan in place will fit well within your activation budget. Brands get ROI for a fraction of what other methods deliver.

5. Analytics tell a great story. Much of the sports industry has yet to discover this. So if you’re looking for fresh ideas, why not make them part of your brand’s story?

Activating sponsorships in this way requires the right content and approach to make it happen. And The Sports Resource has that covered.

Steve Fall's business The Sports Resource has provided NBA, MLB and NFL agents with sports analytics consulting since 1997. Agents use his statistical packages to build player value for contract negotiations, free agency, arbitration and the draft. Last year alone, he worked on over $335 million in contracts. His analytical tools also help companies activate their sports sponsorships.

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