Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It’s All about Content, and Agents Can Cash In

Five current trends add up to an amazing opportunity for sports agents, which can have a huge impact on their bottom line.

·         Sports fans continue to crave more specialized content.
·         Search engines now value interesting, original content.  
·         Sports agents have unmatched access to their clients.
·         The cost of production – to put quality content out to the public – is lower than ever.
·         Innovative sports metrics and data make stories on players even more compelling.

As detailed in February’s Sports Resource Newsletter, today’s younger athletes grew up with technology. They find information – like identifying and comparing sports agents – with Google and online tools. So a high search engine ranking is solid gold territory, yet few agencies have claimed it.

The solution is to generate original content on your clients. The common practice of linking to articles on ESPN.com and team websites is a big negative with search engines, not to mention that it builds their brands instead of your agency’s brand.  So why do it? Nobody knows players like their agents, and nobody can tell their story better.

When you combine this insight with the power of sports analytics and technology, you’ll have an edge when recruiting players – and promoting current clients – that few can match.

The Sports Resource consulted on more than $1 billion in player contracts since 2010. Our data-driven digital solutions combine the power of sports analytics with web development and content creation. Contact Steve Fall at 404-447-1861 or steve.fall@sportsresource.net for a free 15-minute consultation.

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